Amazing Android Magazine at a click!

Hello Everyone,

Digging around the web plenty of tools can scatter and litter your desktop or full your system just for funny…no isn’t a terrible premonition but usually trying free stuff anyone get one’s disk full of unused garbage programs…you get what you pay but not always, let’s hava a glance at this new little jewel from Appmk company . It’s a lightweight program called Android Book Magazine Maker with just a few clicks you can transform your PDF in a stunning magazine to be read in Android devices. I’m always very sceptic to use cheaper software but this special economic times forced us to look for competitive tools to get on daily with our small companies. So, I took a 12 pages PDF I already used for other test and I load it into this Android Book Magazine Maker



How you can see it’s easy like using any other drawing tool. You can import a single PDF or a multipage PDF as well as single picture, move it up and down or delete to fit your needs. Before to push the build button, you have to prepare 2 small pictures for your magazine to be shown in the Android devices but anything is clearly explained in the help file.

I decided to create a simple WOC-catalogmix so, I push the build button and continue with these few steps shown in the pictures.

building 1  building 2  building 3  building 4

Wow! very easy…and the result you ask? it is…


And if you want to download this simple catalog-application and check by yourself just click to visit the Android Marketplace and search for WOC-catalogmix.

You can free download the trial version of the Android Book Magazine Maker

I wish you have a lot of fun like I had to play with this interesting tool.

See you soon

Angelo Giammarresi

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