Turn your holiday in a wonderful 3D PageFlip Books!

Dear Readers,

I am back with some precious news to share with you, regarding a new software for ebook.

The title’s post “Wonderful 3D PageFlip Books made easy!” says all in its word, but let go back one step.

Since last year I started looking for some affordable products to create e-book in original way.

Many companies besides the expensive one promised miraculous results with cheaper if not free tools.

In most of the cases you get what you spend but I was astonished in trying the first version of Flip PDF by A-PDF company.

Soon, I liked their product.

It was easy to use, but how professional I sent some suggestions to the company to improve it in a professional way.

They very liked my feedbacks and some time later released a Flip PDF Professional version including many useful tools.
You can read a complete review in this blog.

Recently, I received A-PDF company’s newsletter introducing a new product called 3D PageFlip and I got a copy to review it here.

You can download the full functioning trial version from http://www.3dpageflip.com/

Likely the Standard Flip PDF Page this new 3D PageFlip it’s very easy to use.

Just out of the box in 10 minutes you can realize your stunning 3D books and presentations.

I confirm it is a converter tool useful and simple to use to transfer your common, still PDF files into cool, wonderful digital eBooks with real 3D page turning effect and stunning 3D Tilting effect.

Below, you find the screen shots of the 3D PageFlip test I made this morning with my files.

The pictures are showing in sequence:

General settingImporting tabTurning page – Tilting Angle and Logo customization – Custom Background – Book Description – Language Customization – Final Book




By the end it’s like reading real books or magazines. You read from any angle as you want.

I liked to test this nice and worthy PDF to 3D PageFlip.

The limit is only your imagination!

Get it, test it and have a fun! Look at our final book-test

See you soon,

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