Just 10 minutes to create a professional Catalogue with Flip PDF Professional !!!

Hello everybody!

I am very glad to share with you my latest discover about flip making software.
About one year ago we came across with the website of A-PDF company, full of products at nice price.
At first we suppose it was the common software website full of almost useless cheap products but we decided to test the FLIP PDF this basic version resulted very useful and we used to realize many of our products.

It’s interface is very easy to use and the learning curve is just a matter of minutes you can have a look by yourself

Main interface – The same in both version BASIC – PROFESSIONAL
We inserted a swf animation as background
but you can choose from some supplied templates or add your picture
as well as change the buttons’ style

On the left you can choose the language for the buttons

if your language is not listed you can create it by yourself just clicking on
the options> flash language> Language settings then you can edit in your language and save it.

from the same  menu you also can select Options > Flash security to add a password to your animation or  Options > Applications options to select the way to convert the pdf during import.

After making your selections you will see flashing the applying changes button, press it to apply.

Now, you are ready to import PDF file

if needed can add a watermark from those supplied or create your own.

Imported the PDF file you can adjust the bookmarks, then convert the book.

So far the features and settings are similar to both versions.

You can try free download and buy the basic version from www.flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf/




Some days ago we had the chance to test a pre-release of the professional version and we found it very interesting.
I have to add that what I like of the A-PDF company is the kindness and professionalism of the support.  Since our first test of the Flip PDF we have got other software and when we had to report some bugs or errors occurred during our production, they very quickly set it but not only.
They asked for some suggestions to improve the products and by the end arrived this Professional version. Let’s have a closer look!

The interface is similar except that there’s a new butto menu called “Edit Page” it permits to access the new editing interface to add Link, Flash Video, sound file and SWF animation



Add a Link feature permits to link to web page and more




We added a goto page link




We add a FLV movie to use with the embedded player
the video can stop automatically when turn the page



We add a SWF animation to be embedded




and an SWF playing an external video

but, in this case, remember the video
doesn’t stop automatically when turn the page

OK, we are almost ready to convert it just make a revision and if you like can still change your template and Flash button aspect. Then you click on convert to Flipping Book button.



Don’t forget to save your flash settings to retrieve next time and the project so you don’t have to rebuild it from the scratch again.

In our final example we haven’t put embedded video to keep the filesize smaller but you can mix all the features in the same page too, don’t forget it!

Are you curious of the result?


click on the picture or go to this link .




See also our flipbooks made with   FLIP PDF PROFESSIONAL & FLIP PDF BASIC

Do you want more tips…contact us or visit the A-PDF website and download all trial versions you like… see you soon!

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