Converting Books in Android Applications without code knowledge & in few minutes!

Hello Everyone,

It was a very busy month last one so, very a little time rest to write some useful post.
But as usual we were always looking for new software to develop other products and we come across this very simple precious software called “Android book app Maker.”

We have already explored some other software from this company that we use regularly in everyday business production.
What makes this software important among others? Two things at least: the price and the intuitive interface.

Android book app MakerBooks Info
When you launch the program the first step is to click over “create a book
then a prompt will ask you some information about the book’s author, title, etc.

In the picture beside you can see the book we are creating for our client,
Mr. Bartolomeo Di Monaco and his detective story “GIULIA” you can find here

What makes great this Android book app Maker is the easy to learn interface and you can find all steps to make a good product in it’s help file.

Android book app Maker – Help File
We suggest you to start reading the help file before attempt to make a book.
It avoids a lot of doubts and with an easy scheme let you go through the entire process in just 10 minutes.
But follow this article and build with us the Giulia book.

Android book app Maker – Book Info – Tab 2
The second tab is for setting the different cover pictures, take note and prepare 3 different pictures of your book these sizes
32×32  48×48  72×72 in .png format non interlaced

Android book app Maker GIULIA Book Info – Tab 3 –

THE BOOK COVER – you have to prepare a 4th picture 400×568 .png format for the cover book

Android book app Maker GIULIA Book Info – Tab 4 – Day & Night vision

This is another nice function that let you choose colours for night & day reading

Android book app Maker GIULIA Book Chapter
At this point we start creating the book chapters and we can do from blank page or importing Text files.

Chapter 1 – We created from file importing the entire book

TIPS & TRICKS: Make sure your files are in .txt otherwise convert it with your word processor. If you use a non Microsoft Office word processor open your file with NotePad and save it in .txt
Users of OpenOffice suite is suggested to update at latest version 3.3 it’s Microsoft better compatible and solve any problems.

Android book app Maker GIULIA Chapter Book

After importing the entire book we can create the different chapter just using the common select, cut and paste function of the editor

Android book app Maker – Creating Book Application
After you finish to create all book chapters the final step is that of converting the book in an android application.
There’s no need of any code developing but just filling the correspondent blank fields and then the Book is ready to be distributed how an Android Application you can publish in Android Market or wherever you like.

I wish you enjoyed  this review and soon can develop new books!

How you can see in just a few steps you can create a distributable Android version of your book, without the knowledge of any code lines, just using this powerful and affordable software Android book app Maker that you can buy from it’s website

… Come to visit us at a plenty of videos are available for you to be watched free.

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