A-PDF to VIDEO a great utility to share your travel experience!

Hello everyone!

My task of finding cheap and useful software to improve our business is going on and today I’m proud to show my latest test.
I navigated for hours in the web till I found such a simple but very great tools.
It’s called A-PDF to VIDEO and with just a few clicks can get your presentations converted in the most popular format.
But let’s watch some screenshots I got this morning  to get a better idea.

Main Interface - A-PDF to VIDEOImporting pictures and main interface

You can download a free trial version full functional but limited to 3 pictures to verify by yourself how it works.
We did it this morning and I found very easy to install and get acquainted with the main interface as well as a demo easily shows some features.
I replaced the 3 pictures supplied with my 3 pictures of mine and different in size and format to see if I got some bugs, but not.
The software accepted tiff, jpg, png of 3 different sizes.

Settings Dialog
Very easy is the interface and within a few clicks you can adjust your project settings:
Background, picture size and position



Settings Dialog – 2
Here in this dialog can set the effects parameters and apply to all transitions if you like



Settings Dialogue – 3
In this dialogue panel you can set the picture appearance or reformat according to the medium onto burn or show your project. I chose 720×576 cause I want to burn onto a DVD for Pal System.


Effects Settings
The software is supplied with a plenty of effects (about 220) to be applied to a single picture or simultaneously to all pictures in the projects.

Some more I want to point out about this software:
1) It’s a light size file installation program, just 16MB ca
2) Really, easy to use at snap. Even a common person in 15 minutes can start producing his own slideshow with A-PDF to VIDEO
3) You can use many different format to produce a slide show without conflicts. I tested pdf, tiff, png, jpg

True Real Time Preview Feature

Last  but not least you have a realtime preview.
Before, converting the project in your preferred format, and you can do it in various types: AVI, Mpeg 2, Mpeg 4 to fit smartphone, iPad and almost any mobile devices as well as DVD and blu ray, you can check it with the Real-time preview feature .

I’m sure, A-PDF to Video worth more than the few dollars you pay for !

Download and try A-PDF to VIDEO !!!

We soon meet again, cause we have some other software from A-PDF company under test that seem to be greater utilities too.
Please, visit us at www.wocmultimedia.com to discover our product realized with Flip PDF, Flip Printer and A-PDF to Video

Enjoy the time now!

Angelo Giammarresi

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