Create Your Pdf in a Snap with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite!

Hello Everybody,

How you already know, I’m director specialized in producing tourist and cultural guides around the world, running my own company, World On communications, set in Italy. Visit our website you find about 80 products and trailers.

Usually, in the past we just made video-guides to distribute in DVD but, since new media formats (iphone, ipad, smartphone, website, etc.)  started taking over the market, we decide to realize our products in multi-formats. Problem, as usual, was conciliate production requests with the low available budgets.
So, in last 6 months we have been testing several software and among latest we found a very interesting one, named FOXIT PHANTOM PDF SUITE,  to easily produce and manipulate PDF documents.

Of course, you can have a PDF made straight from your word processor and maybe for free but, what about if you have some existing PDFs and want to join all into a single file? If you want add a rich text? A form? A new link and Don’t want spend hundreds of Dollars or Euros?

Well, with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite you can do it cheap, professional and in a snap. Look at some screen shots I took this morning.

Add a New Link





Add a Text Field




This two options are right what we needed to adjust some of our PDF files but, a static PDF is almost obsolete, especially, in this period where mobile phone, tablet pc, netbook and other portable devices let us enjoy rich contents. No problem! Yes, also in this case with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite you can do it in a snap. Just click on the Add Movie Tool Icon, drag your rectangle on the document and it pops-up the screen shot below with intuitive parameters to set.


Add Rich Content
with Add Movie



Therefore, added new value to my product I want to secure it to avoid producing multiple files and sell them online without risks.
Using Foxit Phantom PDF Suite you can do it easily…click on File > Properties > Security and set the preferred parameters…look at the snapshot


Add Security to your PDF documents




To much easy, don’t you believe it? Ok, visit our website at this link and try to download the pdf …we set it this morning with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite by Foxitsoftware.
I showed  you only a few options of the many available in this suite. Besides,  I want to point out  two more pros: The Low Price and Lightweight size of the program.
Before to spend a lot of money for another more famous brand product I suggest you to visit and free download the Phantom PDF Suite, it’s a 30 days full functional trial version…test it, you’ll love it!

We are going to produce new Rich Content PDFs guides… see you soon on our website….bye!!!

World On Communications – Italy
Multimedia Productions

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1 Response to Create Your Pdf in a Snap with Foxit Phantom PDF Suite!

  1. Hi Angelo, nice looking and informative blog! Keep up the good work;=)

    Reggie Banks,Sr.
    CEO/President Blackberry Castle Productions,Inc.
    Business Events & Seafood Restaurants Examiner
    Asst. Director of Photography Services KC Fringe

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