Make a flip-book from your holiday pictures

Since I like looking around and surfing internet to get fresh ideas for my products I discovered some good software to easily produce online flipbook to complete my travel guides.

At first glance, the software for flipping books are all similar but I decided to read carefully the specifications and testing them with my pictures (watch the example online clicking here)
The example above has been created in very a few minutes using Flip Printer, one of the two software I chose among the big mess you find on the web. Flip Printer can be bought and/or downloaded free to test from the site
I used Flip Printer because it permit me to transform any kind of document in a flip-book just clicking on the print button of the software I use and chose Flip Printer in the printer-Fax list. That’s all. Then if you add that are quite inexpensive and easy to use to personalize the product, you got the idea why I chose it.
The second software always released by is called Flip Pdf and how the name say it easily convert pdf files in a flip-book.
The difference between the two software are little but one complete the other and you can get both at very good rate too, if bought together. Lets go and have a test yourself, visit and download a free trial from with Flip Pdf you can batch process different pdf files at once while with Flip Printer can convert any document and picture in flip-books.
If you are looking to get an album from your holiday pictures to share with your friend these two software are a good choice cause you can share your flip-book online, via mail, or let them download and even print it….hurry up and enjoy the future now.

You can buy our travel-guide DVDs  at and in next future will be completed with online flip-books full of useful information and tips to better enjoy your holiday. I wish you happy Christmas time.
Angelo Giammarresi

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