A secret passage through the Alps

For decades mountain tracks along the closed border between Switzerland and Italy had been used for smuggling, so was not unusual to listen some rifle’s blast in the night. They were not bandit but common people risking their life to earn some living in difficult economic time. Here, in Valley of Intelvi (Valle d’Intelvi), wasn’t the exception. Smuggler was called “sfrusadur” and a museum in Erbonne village collects findings of that period. Besides, the Valley of Intelvi, is rich in artistic monuments and its churchs are rich in frescoes painted by famous artists dating back to 17th century and older. You can have a better idea watching our video Valle Intelvi part 1 & 2 on sale at www.wocmultimedia.com
Valle Intelvi part 1 Valle Intelvi part 2

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