Hello world!

Selling, Talking & Writing, no is not a new marketing formula just three word I recalled during setting this blog!

But nonetheless they represents three important stuffs in my daily life. I run my own company , so I always look for good idea to better sell my video-guides, then Selling it’s appropriate.

I like “talking” directly with my clients and give them any support needed to be happy and get my product as a very useful guide for planning an holiday.

The Village of Gjesvaer - Itineraries in Finnmark 4 View Post

Gjesvaer, Birdwatching, old books, pristine nature

“Writing” it’s my favourite passion, walking beside the love for telling by video but, how first post I prefer stop and show you one short trailer of my masterpiece about North Europe, get it here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    interesting place

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