– A Wonderful Multimedia Project

Hello Everyone,

After a while missing, I’m back this time not with a software review but a terrific multimedia project called .

During my latest trip in Scandinavia, in middle August, I shot several interesting places from museums to natural sites but I felt something was lacking. I’m used to plan in details my work but this time I had let someone else to make the trip plot and was uneasy in shooting. I observed each place a bit detached and this let me focusing on different aspects of the journey.
One day, I was following this person without interest at all and entered a tourist information office where among many pamphlets one caught my attention.
The cover design and the logo was attractive, yellowish, simple but well stylised. I decided to create a new logo for my productions when back home. Day by day I started to concentrate in developing this new logo on my mind, no sketch no other signs on paper, just to avoid of showing my intentions.
Eventually, the terrible planned shooting trip ended and as soon as I board on plane I started making a resume of the places filmed but with my great astonishment I couldn’t link the places together neither in my mind nor in the paper.
For how much I tried to recall pictures nothing clear drew in my mind. I gave it up and tried to sleep then a new thought woke up, to use this uneasiness developed during the trip and soon an idea born: Eureka!
Put myself in the cloth of a total ignorant traveller that would like to visit the places I shot. It should have been a great mess and hours of searching and without any hint to start a good investigation sooner or later I should have given it up for sure the idea of visiting Lapland. Why? Because Lapland is just a name to identify an huge area encompassing four countries, mainly the Northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Kola Peninsula. A very scarcely inhabithed area with a plenty of lovely places to visit but hard to find individually if you haven’t a clear idea of what to search.

That’s the genesis of and here’s the logo, also invented by me
I invite you to browse the website and discover the project, I’l be back soon to tell you about the logo creation and meanings. If you own or manage an activity in Lapland can be promoted for a very little cost till middle December, so contact me.

See you, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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How a Phantom Helped Me to get Active Links from a Printed Pamphlet


Nice to see you there reading this new post.
This morning I had to send some commercial proposal to new customers but their webaddres and emails were only in a printed pamphlet.

Well, maybe for most of you isn’t a problem you can go out and buy a mobile scanner or just stay typing them with the keyboard, latest it’s a very annoying solution but it works too.

I opted to check if I could use my flat scanner but another problem arose it’s not compatible with WIN7 pro only with XP.
No problem, once more the Foxit Phantom PDF Business  suite came in my help, I remembered last time I used it to directly scan a page and I went on this way. I set my flat scanner, launched my Foxit Phantom PDF Business and scanned my pages then I selected the OCR function (see picture 1)

OCR Function1

On hovering you have the chance to make your file selection, I selected Current File

OCR Function2

After clicking you see a pop up to select the language to be used by the OCR function, click OK and that’s all.
OCR Function3

Give a while to make all the searches and recognitions then you have a PDF with serchable text.
I hear you asking what about the active link?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it. Go to EDIT tab, hover over the Web Links button and make your selection.
Click OK in the pop up and the Jeux sont fait!, oh pardon that’s French a lovely language too, The Games are done!

OCR Function4

How you can see it’s very useful in several situation this Foxit Phantom PDF Business , so why not give a try. Click on the active link and free download the trial version, you will love it!

I’m coming soon with a new suite for flipping books.

See you, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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My Visit to the Phantom’s Painting Shop

Nice to see You again,

I’m back to you with a simple report of visiting the Phantom’s Painting Shop in my PC….

Well, besides the word game I gladly discovered another powerful tool included in the affordable and easy to use

 Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business 

This time I’m going to describe in a few lines the Image Editor.

During the realization of the interactive FlipGuide on the Norwegian jazz singer Gjetrud Lunde (you can browse it here) I had the needs of retouching a picture which was in the PDF to be used.
I look for a function in  Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business  suite and discovered there was an image editor just at a click reach.


How does it works?
Very easy. First go to EDIT Tab select Edit Object Image then double click the chosen image to retouch and the below panel will automatically appears


There you can make almost all changes you usually do with more expensive painting products and when you finish just hit the Green Button on Right Topmost side labelled “Apply Changes” and it’s done!

phantomboxYou see what a convenience to get a Phantom in your desktop?

See you soon, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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What about having a Phantom on your Desktop?

Hello, nice to see you again so many reading. Have you ever got a Phantom in your desktop? I got it and is very helpful, indeed! Well, besides the game of word I suggest you to give a try to this very useful software Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business 

phantomboxI discovered this suite by accident 5 years ago when it was at almost it’s early development stage and now the v. 6.2 is an astounding mature software competing with Adobe Acrobat but at very cheaper price.

Oh no, you don’t have to believe my words only but visit the link and download a 30 day free trial, full functional. AUTOMATICALLY CREATING LINKS Nowadays, creating a PDF can be easier than ever, almost all wordprocessor have a button to export your file in PDF or you can print virtually the document in PDF ready to be delivered. Well, in the second case you almost all the time lose the correct link present in the document and all become just a mere bluish but hyperlink is not there anymore. What a big problem if your printed PDF document has a plenty of hyperlinks! link1 NO PROBLEM, I GOT A PHANTOM IN MY DESKTOP, upon only 2 clicks the problem is solved!!! How to do it: Open the required file. Click on the EDIT tab and on the leftmost menu Web Links you choose the function Create links from URLs  In a bunch of seconds automatically all correct written URLs in the text will be transformed in operating hyperlinks. That’s all! See picture below to believe my words and don’t forget to download your trial copy to test it. link2 phantomboxYou see what a convenience to get a Phantom in your desktop? See you soon, stay tuned! Written by Angelo Giammarresi videomaker and multimedia producer

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Your Astounding Idea is Now Flipping on Any Device!!!


Here I’m back to you with a new post on graphical software. I’m sure that in this era of animated world many of you would like to create stunning product.
You get an annual report but you are tired of introducing it to your boss in the usual format. Yes, PDF is sure not to be easily manipulated by inexpert user conversely it’s a flat and very schematic as hard to read in a tablet.
Have you ever tried to read a PDF on a tablet? I tested at least 5 different PDF readers and all fail when you have to turn the page. I have a 7 inch tablet and when I zoom into  reaching the end of the page you must zoom out and slide the new page then zoom in again. Very boring and distractive indeed.

How to solve this new challenge?

Easy, you can animate your papers using the newly version of FLIPHTML5 . Oh, yes I ear most of you saying this is the usual software ad disguised with tech post. Well, you can continue reading or go and having a coffee, it’s up to you, I go on relating my two years searching experience.

Are you still here? Glad to see you back reading.

Yes, in my previous post you already read my two years challenge to create a multilingual store so I don’t related it again here but thanks to this deep search I met different software to test for my other works, and FLIPHTML5 is one of these.

SInce 2009, I have been using another program of the same softwarehouse which I contributed to improve with my professional feedback and feature requests but of this I will tell in next post. I liked the FlipPDF Pro software cause it permit to achieve stunning result in just a few clicks but with the advent of iPad and demonization of flash based product I went in search of some new program easy to use without the coding stress.

First, I got another software you find it in my website news section but the problem was always the same, basically you had a good flash product with a very basic sliding page for mobiles.
Then, I tried to create a flipbook using a javascript library, there’s a free plugin but what a loss of time!!!

I was almost giving my search up when I received the newsletter announcing this new FLIPHTML5 product. I tested it and of course with my flash background I judges it a very primitive software. Html5 code was just notching the egg how can I pretend having a smooth professional looking result? But, I’m stubborn, my family name Giammarresi is a contraction of two Italian words (Giammai & arresi) can be roughly translated in Never Surrendered. So I sent a set of feedback pointing out what I considered a bare minimum to achieve for a professional use and they accepted most of my suggestions. In a few version the FLIPHTML5 was another of their best products.
Not only I found the features requested but also a plenty of easy to use features such as Editor Page and Animator Page, to insert rich content in the flipbook.

You can have a look at one of my flipguide to see how smooth is the page animation and the video feature.

I decided to write this post about FLIPHTML5 because I suppose there’s a lot of you suffering from my same problem of needing a good tool to make astounding creations.
I’m not a developer and I don’t like wasting my time coding in one or other machine language disentangling in bug’s jungle.

I like to define myself a content producer whatever medium used so I suggest you free download FLIPHTML5 and make a direct test. The free version let you create basic flipping books and publish free online, otherwise you can choose a premium plan to use advanced Editor and Animator page features.

Yes, I ear you saying and how do I distribute the created flipbook ?

Easily, can upon a click choose to convert how zipfile, html folder, drupal-joomla-wordpress plugin and more, that’s another excuse to give it a try and see it personally.

Come back to read the next posts where I delve a bit in depth into Editor page and Animator pages.
Sorry, before you go, do you know with the animator you can get animated Hot Spot linked to slideshow, videoplayer, musicplayer and more working very fine on any device including the iPad flash devil?  No? That’s another reason to testFLIPHTML5 for just annual affordable cost you can create very attractive products.

See you soon, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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FlipGuide – A New Interesting Html5 Concept!

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back reading my blog.

During my long search for tools and plugin to set a multilingual e-store I had the chance to test several products either for WordPress or standalone, working more and less fine.

I tested free but not full functional tools as well as overpriced software for my main quest of achieving professional quality with modern features and by the end the search gave good results.

If you are looking for a single standalone product better you give it up the idea to develop a fine product, you need more than one good tool to explore new visual art concept.

In fact, after about one year I decided to forget techs limits of the products and using only their functional tools even for drawing a single line, like a painter using a brush just to add an infinitesimal leaf in depicting a giant jungle tree.

Here’s FlipGuide concept!

It’s a cross browser product capable to deliver any topic in a simple format viewable in pretty almost all devices either mobile or desktop computers.

FlipGuide is not limited to a specific OS neither Microsoft nor Apple or whatsoever such as you find in the different AppStores. No! Not at all.

Do you have IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, UC or another modern browser, it works. You only have to check if your bowser is HTML5 compliant or not, that’s all.

Before going on you can click on the below picture and enjoy the FlipGuide: Sofiero’s Palace.

Sofiero’s Palace is the first of our FlipGuide serial created using clips from our shootings all along Scandinavia.

Soon, I will delve a bit more in techs details but in this article I first want to introduce you my new concept: FlipGuide.

Basically, each FlipGuide is made up by a 4 pages pamphlet including notes, info and a videoclip dedicated to a single topic such as Sofiero Palace, The Hell’s Cave and so on.

FlipGuide, is a medium to give the visitor a first taste of your activity, attraction or event so it can be tailored to fit any needs. At beginning, I develop it to promote my videoitineraries while giving basic info on what is the topic chosen complemented by links to attractions, restaurants, accommodations and tourist office site.
Following is another example made for a regional Norwegian fishing contest, just past. Contact Us to get a quotation for your promo FlipGuide.

FlipGuide: HTML5 & MP4 features
Briefly, to help you testing your personal browser I can add that FlipGuide is made in html5 and the clip video is coded in MP4/H.264 video codec.

If you like testing one of the tools we used to create FlipGuide you can visit , it’s an interesting software with a simple and intuitive GUI to help you create e-books in a breeze. The basic software license it’s free.

It has a bare minimum of features to convert PDF files in nice looking flipbooks. To get advanced CSS3 editor with animator and a plethora of features then you need to subscribe a priced plan. I suggest you having a first taste with the free tools then you decide. I wrote an in depth post on fliphtml5 that you find in the blog archive of Livejournal and WordPress.

Before leaving I invite you to visit the FlipGuide and other sections of our site

Thank you for reading so far, stay tuned! I’ll be back soon with more techs details and other software used to create this FlipGuide: a cross browser concept!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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A suggestion to fix Qtranslate problem with recently WP 3.9 update

Hello to everyone,

I wish this post can be helpful to whom is using qTranslate and got weird behaviour in the home page using Virtue Premium theme or other theme how I experienced.

That’s important for anyone, the theme works very well with the newest WP 3.9 but if someone is using qTranslate I suggest before updating to WP 3.9 to follow these steps to avoid of having weird behaviours:

1-deactivate qTranslate
2-update your site to WP 3.9
3- Use FTP or the modify link and modify the qTranslate.php changing the reference version to WP 3.9 and also modify the qTranslatecore.php following the instruction found at this link
4-reactivate qTranslate. It works for sure I tested in 3 websites using Virtue Premium theme and qtranslate otherwise you get a blank home page with only the menu and maybe the revslider working.

Again I wish it is useful to someone.
Best Regards,


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